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"Wenger" to książka przybliżająca historię Arsène Wengera, jej autorem jest Arsene Wenger.

„Acclaimed, revolutionary and controversial football (soccer) coach Arsene Wenger opens up for the first time in his memoir including lessons on leadership, personal development and management. WENGER: My Life and Lessons in Red and White will chart the rise of the ex-chief of Arsenal Football Club (London) to become one of the most successful soccer managers of all time. Wenger, often nicknamed „Le Professeur” (the teacher), to reflect his studious take on the game is known for his 22 years at the helm of Arsenal. He has won multiple championships, run one undefeated English Premier League campaign and has made famous the attacking approach and belief that the game should be entertaining. His groundbreaking approach to fitness and nutrition, his ability to spot young talent and build the youth academy are nearly unprecedented and he will, for the first time, share his principles for success on and off the field”–

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ISBN: 9781797206158

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"Wenger" to książka przybliżająca historię Arsène Wengera.
Autorem "Wenger" jest Arsene Wenger.