Książka Reveal: Robbie Williams by Chris Heath

Reveal: Robbie Williams Eng

Chris Heath

Temat: Robbie Williams Wokaliści

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"Reveal: Robbie Williams" to historia Robbiego Williamsa, jej autorem jest Chris Heath.

„It’s a diary of a very modern entertainer and his ever-changing thoughts, the story of somebody who escaped Butlins, and the tale of a pop star trying to find his feet again after coming out of early retirement. It’s true, and funny, and occasionally sad, and well-written, and very entertaining. I hope people enjoy it.” Robbie More than twelve years ago, Robbie Williams and Chris Heath published a ground-breaking memoir, Feel, about Robert P. Williams’ rise to fame; a book…

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ISBN: 9781911274919

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"Reveal: Robbie Williams" to historia Robbiego Williamsa.

Autorem "Reveal: Robbie Williams" jest Chris Heath.