Książka Hannah Arendt by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

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"Hannah Arendt" to książka, która opowiada o Hannah Arendt, jej autorem jest Elisabeth Young-Bruehl.

This highly acclaimed, prize-winning biography of one of the foremost political philosophers of the twentieth century is here reissued in a trade paperback edition for a new generation of readers. In a new preface the author offers an account of writings by and about Arendt that have appeared since the book’s 1982 publication, providing a reassessment of her subject’s life and achievement. Praise for the earlier edition:“Both a personal and an intellectual biography . . . It represents biography…

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ISBN: 9780300105889

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"Hannah Arendt" to książka, która opowiada o Hannah Arendt.
Autorem "Hannah Arendt" jest Elisabeth Young-Bruehl.